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I am often referred to as an Intuitive Alchemist who can effortlessly tap into the energy where healing is needed. Consider me your Gifted Counsellor who holds your hand whilst we go on this journey of transformative growth to help you live a life beyond mediocre. 

Feel like you've tried it all?

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What truly lights you up?

It's time to get a clear vision of where you want your life to be and let go of everything that's holding you back. It's time to stop overthinking and operate from your empowered heart while honouring your clearly defined boundaries. Heal your relationships, release money blocks, let go of your past to finally start enjoying a life of passion, freedom and purpose.

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Introduction to YOU

This is where people like to start as a way to explore what it looks and feels like to really work through your inner child traumas and limiting beliefs. 

Nothing to be scared of, this 1:1 session is a 90-minute session where we map out your struggles and how we're going to heal them, to get you where you want to be! You could say this is life-changing support offering you a deeper relationship with yourself and others. This is an experience for you to instantly heal your hurtings, shift your perspective and make you feel great.


Energetic Overhaul

If you've been following me across socials and you're part of my FREE and exclusive Feminine Group on Facebook, you probably have a good idea of who I am and my personal vibe. The Energetic  Overhaul is a 3-part program that you can use over the course of three weeks. 

Release 'cord attachments' and unconscious blocks to create a life of joy, abundance, and love without pain and sacrifice.

If you are struggling with moving forward with your life, feeling uninspired by your daily routine, holding onto resentment or fears, scared of relationships or new love, or you just need something to make you feel ALIVE and FREE, this is for you.

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About Me

Jelena Vukalovic

Jelena is an Intuitive Alchemist, Modern Mystic, gifted Counsellor and Healer, working with light codes, highly activated intuition and proven business results. 


She understands we must be advocates for our own wellness... we just sometimes need a little help to bring out the inherent wisdom that lies within each of us.

Jelena sees what we often can't see for ourselves, tapping into your energetic field, geometric codes, and communicating with your guides and loved ones who have crossed over to activate your highest vibration.


These gifts have grown through her own struggles, pain, and giving away her power...rising amongst the chaos and turmoil to survive as a nurse during the war, escaping to another country, and going on to run two successful companies while raising her children.

Here she embodied the depth of compassion and understanding it takes to effectively guide others.

Her gift is to understand where you are now, get a clear vision of where you want to be, and activate your own healing to release any blocks standing in your way.

Online Counselling.


Client Love

"My life has dramatically improved with your guidance and helping me work through my inner child crap. My relationships are improving day by day and I take the little wins when things are sorted calmly and from the heart."

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