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You've tried it all

You’ve tried ignoring it, thinking it will just go away your pain or emotions or you going in circles and not succeeding or feeling overwhelmed
You’ve seen other healers, psychics, and intuitive; coaches and mentors, with little movement in the block and you’re frustrated. Overwhelmed. And quite simply OVER IT.
You may have also felt like you’ve reached a moment in time, with your thoughts and in your energy, that has left you wondering “What’s next”?

Or you’ve ever wondered why you can’t seem to manifest what you want or reach the next level in your life, business and money, despite doing all the "work".

Masculine/ Feminine energies have a huge role in contributing to your blocks, imbalances with these energies will affect you in everyday life with interaction with others aka dating, marriage, or work.

Energetic Loops /Cycles sometimes energies are programmed to be looped over and over again are you looking for validation and approval from others if so in that process you lost your own power?

Some of the things Jelena can help with

How to be a feminine radiant woman whilst dating (what does that mean you are dating like a queen and you are in your knowledge and not in your inner wounded child needy and operating from the pain)

How to step into conscious parenting and be aware of the wounded inner child within you so you don't pass on your wounded child to your children

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