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Here's some of what we're going to work on:

  • We’ll start by establishing the foundation for their SELF-AWARENESS. My powerful know your self process will help them to understand and identify the strengths and weaknesses to help them feel more aligned with who they are and be clear on what is holding them from being their more confident and vibrant self.

  • Next, we’ll effectively craft and identify the LIMITING BELIEFS that are holding them back. Identifying and Clearing Limiting Beliefs hold the key to them establishing an empowered mindset and feeling confident that they can achieve their goals. 

  • Then, we’ll map out a LIFESTYLE PLAN that aligns with their goals and get them putting it into action from day one. SELF TALK. Get super clear on the person they are and want to step into to grow in self-confidence and build effective relationships.

  • Next, we’ll effectively craft their VISION for their school and career life to identify their goals and aspirations.

  •  We’ll map out a LIFESTYLE ROUTINE that aligns with their goals and get them putting it into action as of day one.

  • Then, we’ll set in stone HEALTHY HABITS to ensure they stay on track. The habits and thought patterns they have developed over the course of life to now may not be serving them. They will achieve clarity and confidence through my happy habits system.

"Jelena is amazing. She has helped both my son and I above and beyond any expectation. I initially took my son to see Jelena as he was displaying challenging behaviour, sneaking food and having frequent asthma attacks. On the first visit she was able to have him identify better food choices and how the additives in his food choices were triggering his asthma, something I had tried to explain to him for some time but was unable to get through. I would highly recommend Jelena to anyone and am truly grateful to have been introduced to her."

These are really 3 things you likely need right now for yourself and your teen…

 A plan, the tools, and some support.

Here’s how you and I will work together to make this happen.

The Training

 There are easy-to-follow worksheets and templates available to your teen right now and they are the foundation of the program. You will receive all of this material in your coaching workbook.  

Each training involves only 5-10 minutes reading time to keep things to the point and easy for you and your teen to implement. 

The Coaching

My unique style of coaching is going to balance the learning process and implementing step by step each module and coaching strategy. The coaching process is going to assist your teen to accomplish what they need in the shortest amount of time to help them with their mindset and confidence. 

To support them in this results-driven growth they will have an opportunity to have a live call with me twice a month for 30-40 minutes. The key part of this program is that I will help them to take action and move forward with confidence.

As a coach I will guide them lovingly and supportively, keeping them accountable to stay on track and achieve success and happiness so they learn to understand themselves and know how to have strong relationships with themselves and with others.

Each coaching session we’ll focus on learning and implementing a new life strategy, designed to get your teen some solid wins in the shortest amount of time for their mindset and confidence. They will have a designated opportunity available to them, where they can jump on a live call with me twice a month.

I 'll help them take action ON the call to getting things moving forward. You will both have access to me, my expertise and my help to get you and your teen unstuck and moving forward.

The Support

We have a daily private platform for our parents and teen members. This is where we share wins, lessons and you can reach out for additional support. You get to glean the collective insights, wisdom & experience from me in between coaching calls.

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