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Healing on Thursdays is an amazing gift to you all

Jelena will come in and tap to the core and not just deal with symptoms Healing on Thursdays is an amazing gift to you all.

Since she was a little girl she knew she had this energy in her hands and people would feel better when she placed her hands on them.  Jelena does healing with clients in person, over the phone, or via zoom; energy travels where it needs to go

Jelena's intuition and the gift of being able to see where your scars started developing is so important to know this and understand what emotions got developed in that moment and you can't do this this your own as our pain will stop us to be able to tap into it".

How I see what happened to people I just hear and I will describe people if they passed over to you to validate who we have during the sessions I am not doing readings but they do come in during sessions and help me  to tap into your emotions and situations what happened to be able to find out what happened and where is stored blocked

In  sessions, if you are open to it you will get

  • healing

  • coaching /mentoring

  • intuitive emotions findings

If needed and if the person is open too if anyone comes from another side I will pass on messages.

I am not a fortune teller
I am teaching everyone to gain power back

I teach you how to be conscious and understand your wounded child - how to work with it for the rest of your life as it's part of you.


I teach you how to establish healthy communications with yourself and others

I teach you how to start living an abundant radiant life

I teach you how to be awakened and conscious of limited beliefs,blocks, and energy. 

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