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What is persistent?

Persistent is the ability to be determined to achieve anything regardless of any setbacks or flaws.

So, How can we achieve it?

It all start with one step. Have a vision bigger than yourself and a thought in your mind that you will try to commit to your goals or anything you want to do or achieve in your life.

By simply having a growth mindset, you are almost 50% done to get persistence in your life. Always have one thing in mind that without this quality, you wouldn’t become a successful person that easily.

You have to be consistent. Make a realistic schedule and stick to it everyday and push our way to success.

Let go of obstacles. We are human so situations are not always pleasurable in our life. Sometimes we are happy, sometime sad, sometime confuse, sometime anxious. Things not always according to us. Often we have to face obstacles in life.

Never give up and finish what you have started. Whether it’s starting a new venture, joining a new course, learning a new language or mastering an instrument or field – we love to start things but stuck somewhere in the middle and never complete it. Always remain motivated and complete the things you have started.


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