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What would you do if someone offers you a manual that tells you how to live your best life after trauma and abuse?

Radiant Woman Program is a unique guide that helps you confront and deal with some of the most difficult truths about your trauma and ultimately leads you to increase your radiant woman energy to get you the relationships, love, career, and life of your dreams.


Last year, I was nearly killed…

For those who do not know, it was in 2014 when I had my first divorce, lost my job, and raised my two kids on my own. I found a job at Customs in Australia while I was running my own business on the side.


2 years ago, I met someone and remarried but he turned out to be abusive and applied for a divorce after 4 months of marriage.


That’s when things got more difficult for me. IT’S BEYOND HELL.


Last year, he knocked me out and left me unconscious which caused permanent damage to my body.


I could not walk or sit in the car for weeks so I had to stop working.


Imagine how horrible it was.


Right now, I am finally at a good place to get back on my feet, and wanting to help many women who are victims of domestic abuse and toxic relationships process what they went through using Energy healing and psychic abilities.

Welcome to Radiant Woman!

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So thrilled to have you!

This program is composed of 6 pre-recorded videos so you can learn and watch it at your own phase. How cool is that? But there are information that can be a little tricky to interpret, so I'm here to help and it will be answered during our live calls! 

I used to be like you too. Living a life with no  DIRECTION and PURPOSE.




I was struggling with SELF-WORTH, SELF-LOVE, and being UNHAPPY with my life. I can't hold a relationship. Struggling to TRUST love. Struggling with the EMOTIONAL aspects and doing everything to alleviate the pain.

But today, I found a partner to hold space for my vulnerability.

I found someone to share my love, my pain, and my life with.

I am more confident in trusting love and I feel supported.

I feel safe, understood, valued, heard, and appreciated.

I want the same thing to happen to you. But the question is, are you ready to live life with confidence, love, and joy after trauma and abuse?

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