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How to work with me

Discover all the different ways we can work together! If you're unsure where to start - book in a clarity call. I look forward to working with you.

Three Women

Ignite Your Inner Flame

And FINALLY heal from Narcissistic Abuse!


In this 8 week program, you will become a FEARLESS + Informed powerful woman, who has broken through the beliefs imposed on you from the narcissism you’ve experienced to claim your potent FEMININE power to live abundantly. 


Throughout you will:


  • Empower yourself with knowledge to identify narcissistic behaviors and patterns

  • Release anxiety to hold yourself with absolute confidence

  • Gain valuable tools to manage and support yourself in your most vulnerable moments

  • Discover the importance of trusting yourself and your intuition

  • Reclaim your power through powerful energetic and spiritual practices

  • Ignite your inner feminine warrior to co-parent so that you stand in your power

  • Discover self-nurturing techniques that promote self-love and self-acceptance. 


You’ll receive:


  • 8 Weekly live calls with me via ZOOM for 60mins (replays available)

  • 2 powerful healing and activating meditations to release energetic stagnancies being held within you. 

  • Group support via exclusive FB group (you’ll need to create this)

  • VIP Options Available. 


VIP 4 Session package available for extra $1111. 

Inner Alignment

Feminine Awakening Package

Empower yourself to be the authentic + magnetic woman you’ve desired to be and live life on your terms!


Throughout this 90 day transformation, I will guide and support you to overcome the beliefs, thoughts and patterns that have held you in a state of low self esteem, low self worth and low self love your entire life, to life you into the authentic and magnetic woman you are, so that you can live life on your terms. 


Throughout you will:


Say goodbye to low self worth and claim your divine essence

Empower yourself to be the woman you’ve always wanted to be

Activate your magnetism so that you naturally attract all that you desire

Awaken your feminine power to live consciously so that you create a life on your terms. 

You’ll receive powerful activations and tools to support your journey to awaken the woman you’ve desired to be! 


We will uncover the scars that have left you feeling unworthy, unsupported and unloved so that you can claim your personal power and live according to your dreams. 


The universe is ready to support you. Are you ready to change? It’s time… isn’t it?

Awaken the feminine within and express your feminine essence for more love and inner freedom. 


In this 4 session package, held fortnightly, we will come together to unlock and activate your true feminine energy. You will be coded intuitively to open you up to move love, joy, peace and serenity. 



Throughout you will:


Understand the importance of prioritizing self-care

Receive intuitive wisdom to support your progress and align you to your path

Heal the wounds that have kept you in depths of despair

Release guilt and shame that has locked you into stagnancy. 

Practice powerful rituals that support the release of old hurts and pains

This package is perfect for you if you are wanting to say goodbye to old patterns, thoughts and feelings that keep you locked into self-hate and tap into the divine feminine energy that exists within you. Hello self, care, nurturing and soft feminine energy! 

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