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Let's change your life together

Jelena is a gifted counsellor and healer, working with codes, highly activated intuition and proven business results. Let her show you the way to a better life.

"I was recommended to Jelena from a friend and I am so grateful for it. Jelena is like an angel on earth, spreading her light and love. I have only seen Jelena a handful of times and the progress we have achieved is incredible. I can't wait to see her again and continue working on achieving my goals." - Vanessa

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Let's arrange a free introductory call, which is a safe and empowering place for women who want to understand and are ready to face the reasons they are where they are and do the work to move forward.

I will help you to see where you can own your life, heal your wounds and understand the steps you need to take so you can experience the life you desire as a confident radiant woman.

This is for you if:

  • You are ready to look inwards and take ownership for who you are and your life.

  • You know change starts from within. 

  • You are ready to prioritise you.

  • You realise you have one life and the way to be truly happy is to invest in yourself and your growth

You may have been feeling the following:

  • Stuck in the pain of your circumstances

  • You cannot move forward  

  • You have tried to make changes and your life isn't manifesting as you want it

  • You feel pain over events that have happened in your life

Let's Chat!

On this call, we will:

  • Establish what is holding you back from being the you want to be in your life so you can achieve your desire (get the man, have the job, live they live you desire)

  • Identify how you can move forward from feeling stuck, frustrated and in pain to being a confident and authentic woman

  • Look at my 5-step Authentic You process and see where this could support you to make the changes you desire

  •  We will also explore if we are aligned to continue working together, to accelerate your growth so you can finally live your authentic, fabulous life!

Specialised Programs

Queen Empowerment Program Healing Lite

Queen Empowerment

Healing Lite Authentic Femenine You

Authentic Femenine You

Teen Empowerment Program Healing Lite

Teen Empowerment


Fill in your details below to start the conversation

We will arrange a safe and empowering call to understand and help you face the reasons you are
where you are and do the work to move forward. I look forward to connecting xo

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