Queen Empowerment

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Experience a potent, proven and tested implementation program to fully activate your

Queen Empowerment.

This is Jelena's unique, step by step program that takes you from unfulfilled in love and life embody your irresistible, authentic feminine power.  Here’s some of what we’re going to work on:

  • We’ll start by establishing the foundation for your SELF-AWARENESS. My powerful know your self process will help them to understand and identify the strengths and weaknesses to help them feel more aligned with who they are and be clear on what is holding them from being their more confident and vibrant self.

  • We’ll effectively craft and identify the LIMITING BELIEFS that are holding you back. Identifying and Clearing Limiting Beliefs hold the key to them establishing an empowered mindset and feeling confident that you can achieve your goals.

  • SELF TALK. Get super clear on the person you are and want to step into to grow in self-confidence and build effective relationships.

  • We'll HEAL YOUR RELATIONSHIP with your heart and soul, which will lead to creating healthy boundaries that honour your time, space and energy without justifying or arguing, or feeling like you're being selfish. SELF LOVE is a priority so you can then nourish those around you.

  • We’ll set in stone HEALTHY HABITS to ensure you stay on track. The habits and thought patterns you have developed over the course of life to now may not be serving you. You will achieve clarity and confidence through my own personal happy habits system.

  • Balance the MASCULINE & FEMININE within, so you're not operating from wounded feminine or wounded masculine energies. This balances out all relationships in your life, especially family and romantic relationships.

  • If you're DATING, get rid of the games and attract a quality man that values you... no chasing, no early attachment issues or plain ghosting... just real, authentic, respectful connection.

  • If you're IN A RELATIONSHIP, inspire your man to get out of his own way and give you exactly what you need from a loving partner so you can also step into the best version of you as a partner, wife, or mother. 

  • Everything you as a woman needs and wants to live an unshakable life alongside the masculine and claim yourself as the DIVINE GODDESS you truly are.

This is a great way to connect with other women through your healing journey and truly experience Jelena's renowned gifts of knowing what's preventing from living a life you dream of.